Revolutionize your digital campaigns with our automated forecasting, MMM & A/B solutions.

Elevate your digital strategy with Trackura, the ultimate toolkit designed for senior professional digital marketers. Tailored to meet the demands of paid media and analytics experts, Trackura offers precision forecasting tools that not only predict spend but also help you communicate the financial landscape to non-technical stakeholders with clarity. Our platform streamlines forecasting, MMM and feed testing and distills those results into actionable insights, empowering you to drive campaign success with unmatched efficiency. With Trackura, mastering your advertising spend and optimizing performance is effortlessly sophisticated.


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Save 100s of hours per month with our accessible forecasting models & reporting.

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No Code Needed

Connect your data sources and let our platform do the heavy lifting. No coding required, just plug and play. Connect all your paid advertising accounts and we'll pull in the necessary data to forecast your spend and sales. No more hours data cleaning and manipulating data in excel. Forecast based on multiple models for the most accurate results. Amaze your stakeholders.

  • Easy click and connect
  • Multiple forecasting models
  • Traditional ARIMA/SARIMA/SARIMAX models
  • Prophet & Neural Prophet models
  • MLForecast & Neural Forecast models
  • TimeGPT models
  • Stunning near real time forecasts
MMM & Opportunities

Demand & Opportunity Analysis

Trackura can mine your Google/Microsoft Ads and Analytics data to identify opportunities for growth and adjust spend to be more efficient. Our platform uses AI, shopping competitor & demand reports & auction insights data to identify opportunities for growth. We can also identify areas of overspend and underperformance. We'll help you identify the best opportunities for growth and provide actionable insights to help you capitalize on them.

  • Automated Media Mix Modelling
  • Spend reallocation adjustments
  • Demand forecasting
  • Downturn mitigation
  • Channel spend optimization
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Quick Integrations

Effortless data ingestion. Connect your data sources in seconds and let us pull in an clean the relevant data for the models you want to use.

Simple marketing platform integrations, just a click away.

Trackura revolutionizes digital advertising by offering a one-click integration with leading platforms including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Merchant Center, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, and BigQuery. This powerful connectivity unleashes a comprehensive suite of forecasting, marketing mix modeling (MMM), and opportunity analysis tools at your fingertips. By aggregating data across these diverse channels, Trackura provides a unified view that enhances decision-making, streamlines campaign optimization, and identifies growth opportunities with precision. Whether it's refining your advertising spend, leveraging cross-platform insights, or uncovering untapped markets.


Pricing Plans

Explore flexible pricing that scales with your needs. No hidden fees, just transparent options for your success.



Great option for taking your feed based marketing to the next level.

  • Google Shopping Feed Management
  • Supplemental Feed Hosting
  • A/B Testing Tools
  • Cross Channel Feed Tests


Best Offer


Advanced forecasting and feed management tools to take your marketing to the next level.

  • Sales & Spend Forecasting
  • Neural Prophet Forecasting
  • Timeseries GPT Forecasting
  • Demand Forecasting Tools



Our most advanced plan, offering the ultimate in forecasting and feed management tools along with MMM and A/B testing.

  • Sales & Spend Forecasting
  • All Feed Management Tools
  • All Forecasting Tools
  • Automated MMM Simulations